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Give a gift voucher to the plant lover in your life this holiday season, so they can enjoy our website to the fullest. Whether for Christmas or as a New Year's gift, it is the ideal gift! Once you order this voucher, you will receive it via email, ready to forward or print.

Frequently asked questions about our gift vouchers

Can I pay online with a plant gift voucher?

Yes, that's possible! After you have filled your shopping cart and go to the checkout to pay, you can enter the barcode of your gift voucher. The balance of your gift voucher will then be used to partially or fully pay for your products. If there is still a balance on your gift voucher after your purchase, you can simply use it again on your next purchase.

How long is my plant gift voucher valid?

Your gift voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

How do I receive my plant gift voucher?

The person who purchased your gift voucher received it via email. He may have emailed it to you or printed it out and delivered it.

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Caring for plants is caring for yourself. We believe in that! You can easily order your plant gift voucher online.